Vital Progenix – What it is, How to Take and Where to Buy Cheaper!

The Vital Progenix is the perfect supplement for those who are discouraged and dissatisfied with their sexual performance.

Vital Progenix is a supplement that increases your sex drive and improves bed performance, made from 100% natural ingredients.

It is a supplement that promises to be safe and effective, and even better: there are no contraindications and can be purchased without prescription in any part of Unites States on official website.

What is:                 Supplement of cubiu, cacao and guarana. (*)

What is it for:     Improve the sexual performance of men.

How to take :     One or two capsules per day.

Bull :                     This supplement has no package insert.

Price:                   Visit official website.

Where to buy:   Official site

* This version of Original Vital Progenix does not have Peruvian maca. The ingredients found in Vital Progenix composition can be seen on their official website.

What is?

Vital Progenix is a totally natural supplement that has as main ingredient of its formula the Peruvian maca. Maca is an aphrodisiac plant of the Andean region that increases sexual desire and pleasure. Some people swear that Peruvian maca also increases male penis size, but this claim is not scientifically proven.

What is it for?

Vital Progenix is an add-on that enhances your sex life. In the following video, there is a very easy explanation to follow showing how the supplement works and acts on your body:

Because you need to use

To have a happy life, we have to be satisfied with all the parameters that we deem necessary to achieve our happiness, do you agree? I am a man and I know that nature has given us the natural instinct to seek for sex. Transar is delicious, but it has some physical and emotional factors that can detract from our performance. Over time, the poor performance in the bed can shake us, making the need to fuck an increasingly excruciating pressure.

Vital Progenix has come to help you with this. It acts on increasing your limb, sexual appetite and brings hormonal balance, cell regeneration, cavernous body health, energy and disposition.

All this in a product that, according to the official website, was scientifically proven in a study involving more than 4,000 men who took Vital Progenix and reported increased potency, expansion and sexual pleasure.

Does it work?

The official website of the product ensures both its effectiveness that if you do not have the results you want by in 3 months, they will refund your money back. That’s right, if it does not work, you are not at risk of losing or feeling dissatisfied. This is only valid for purchases on the official website of the product, since there are already several companies copying their formula and selling in a pirate way. Do not fall for it, buy only the official website and guarantee your satisfaction.

You’re probably here because you searched to buy Vital Progenix bubble in Google, correct?

How to Take ?

To maximize beneficial effects, follow the instructions on how to take Vital Progenix listed as follows:

In the first 15 days, take 2 capsules per day;

In the next 30 days, take one capsule a day;

After finishing the pot, pause for 30 days and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Remember that these are only recommendations on how to use. There are no rules to be followed to the letter or the product will not work. Start using Vital Progenix by following the steps suggested in this post. In the future, make some changes in dosage to see if the results improve.


Buy original Vital Progenix will cost between $ 49.90 and $ 99.90. The higher the number of pots bought, the lower the price you will pay per pot. The values ​​listed below do not include the cost of delivery.

Image with the prices of the original Vital Progenix, taken directly from the official address of the product on the internet.

This image has been taken from the Vital Progenix website. Prices may change without notice. Choose a package considering which package is most advantageous to you.

More information

Bull Vital Progenix

Vital Progenix is a supplement and does not contain package inserts like the medicines you buy at pharmacies. The Vital Progenix box will come with information on how to use it, the composition of your formula, and more information about the manufacturer.

Do you Sell in Pharmacy?

No, Vital Progenix is not sold in pharmacies. It is for sale only on the official product website ( link ). If you look in physical stores or other sites on the Internet, such as Free Market, you can find boxes of this supplement.

However, since supplements do not require authorization from FDA and as copyright laws in United States are not strictly followed, any company could create a product with the same name to sell anywhere in the country. Therefore, we always recommend you buy direct from the manufacturer or on more reliable sites such as Netshoes.

Does it Increase the Size of the Penis Itself?

No, the Vital Progenix will not make the limb thicker or make your penis bigger. In fact, penis enlargement is only possible via surgical procedure.

If you click on the links in this post that take you to the official website or if you what is written in the previous image you will see the manufacturer is promising gains of up to 8cm in the size of your penis. This information is false. Your penis will not get bigger by taking Vital Progenix.

It is not possible to increase penis size with supplementation or with medicines. No matter how reliable and plausible an advertisement may seem, if it promises to make you better endowed, it is at the very least exaggerating. It is only possible to increase the size of the penis through surgery. OK?

Vital Progenix only increases sexual desire and improves other aspects of your sex life. He will not turn you into a Bengal Kid.

Where to Buy Original Vital Progenix?

You can purchase original Vital Progenix from the official website of this supplement to click the images.

Buying is very easy. You fill in your address, choose the package you want to buy and then choose a payment method. Once you’ve done that, you’re done shopping. Now just wait about 2 weeks, on average, and you will receive Vital Progenix in your home.

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