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The appearance of TST 11 is not impressive, that’s for sure. Such a bit and a recombined and slightly coarse packaging. The name says a lot and is very promising, but do these nomenclature promises translate into effects? Exactly.


Who is this Product for?

If you suffer from serious erectile dysfunction and serious problems with the potential, then this is not really for you. I am not saying that it will not help you, because it is so packed with herbal stimulants of sexuality that help can, but do not expect any incredible effect on it.

After TST 11 it is worth reaching when the quality of your erection, or the activity and sexual abilities are all reduced due to stress, fatigue or some similar factors – then the pills will give you a light kick and support you during intercourse – increase the desire for sex, you will able to make love for longer, you will experience a more intense orgasm.

What will you find in it?

The composition is certainly unusual, with typical measures I do not write anymore :-), in addition to the full package of vitamins, the TST 11 capsules contain:

Wood Betony (Purgatory / Bupquitus) – a herb known in Poland and used mainly for its anti-inflammatory properties, but it also has a stimulating and relaxing effect, it is useful in the treatment of migraines, indirectly affects the blood supply to the reproductive organs ,

Alfaalfa (alfalfa) – detoxifies, alkalizes, increases vitality and physical capacity, protects the circulatory system – in TST 11 it mainly serves a nutritional, strengthening,

Kola nut (Koli nut) – is above all a great hangover, but in this product is mainly to strengthen and stimulate the male body,

Siberian Ginseng (Siberian Ginseng) – it would be strange if it would run out, generally speaking, it improves both physical fitness and intellectual efficiency ,

Licorice (Licorice) has a very wide spectrum of action, for us it counts its stimulating effect – raises the pressure slightly,

Sarsaparilla root (Kolcorocze root) – has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, but above all it improves blood supply to the body – genital organs also,

Beet (extract from freeze-dried beet) – a brilliant energizer, better than red bull , safer, with great nutritional potential, btw. I will describe the beet and its impact on vitality once (if I do not forget, and if I forget – please remind me),

Gotu Kola (Wąsiert) is called the source of longevity. – it improves virtually all parameters of the body’s work, in some cultures it is even attributed to mystical influence (thanks to the penny the moment of reaching full enlightenment is reached – whatever it may mean), the darnel takes care primarily of the construction and regeneration of blood vessels (influence on blood circulation), positively influences on metabolism, increases potency,

Cayenne – stimulating and anti-inflammatory,

Dong Quai (Chinese Angelica) – positively affects the hormonal balance, what is interesting works properly (intelligently recognizing the “system”) for both male and female hormones,

Wild cherry (wild cherry / bird cherry / bird cherry) – to nourish and energize,

Marsmallow – works primarily anti-inflammatory, and (I certainly do not have) slightly stimulating,

Echinacea (Echinacea) – quickly strengthens the body including the immune system.

How to see the composition of TST 11 will be useful especially in states of weakness, although the fact is that in a man who is refreshed and fully sexually fit can still significantly improve this efficiency.


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