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Information about Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening

http://maleenhancementdirect.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Wider-Smiles-Teeth-Whitening-0987456.pngWider Smiles Teeth Whitening: – Over the years, the teeth discolor, which is further accelerated by consumption of nicotine, tea and coffee. But many young women and men naturally also have a darker teeth whitening that often pulls through every enamel layer. If the yellowish plaque and tartar have already influenced the enamel so far or the yellowish natural color of the teeth is deeply anchored in the enamel, a regular tooth cleaning brings only little or no whitening. So far, only the cost-intensive teeth whitening by the dentist has remained, such as bleaching .

Many people use toothpastes that promise to whiten the teeth. However, depending on the product, these often work with a lubrication effect that attacks the enamel, reduces the natural protective function of the enamel with each application, and thus makes teeth more prone to tooth decay. An alternative is the so-called home bleaching, which saves the way to the dentist and makes teeth brighten comfortably at home and above all noticeably cheaper. One of the most advanced home whitening teeth whitening systems is the branded Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening. It consists of a 3-piece set with universal plastic splints, a tooth-bleaching gel and a UV lamp.

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening is one of the most recent developments in whitening that comes close to professional whitening of the dentist. However, the prolonged exposure time makes the procedure gentler on the teeth, so that the enamel is not attacked and long-term results are achieved. The special feature of Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening is also a possible tooth whitening of up to seven color levels with regular use in just 14 days. No matter whether the natural tooth color is displeasing or nicotine, caffeine or Teein provide for yellow teeth, with Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening a deep bleaching takes place, which reliably removes all discolorations of the teeth and ensures long-lasting white teeth.

The application is simple and the results visible after the first application. With Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening, affected people with unkempt looking teeth no longer need to be ashamed, gain self-confidence, and in the future will impress their surroundings with a bright white smile.

Ingredients and effects Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening

Just like the professional teeth whitening with teeth and gel by the dentist, the effectiveness of the Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening Home Bleaching works more or less. The gel contains peroxide as the main ingredient that acts as a bleaching agent. This results in a chemical process in which oxygen compounds are formed, which penetrate deeply into a color and dissolve it and it comes to a bleaching effect. This process is basically based on the same process as for textile detergents with active oxygen.

In addition, the activity of the chemical process in Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening is intensified by UV radiation. Due to the UV radiation oxygen radicals are increasingly released, destroy the color pigments in their substance. For home teeth whitening, this means that yellow and brownish discoloration will be decomposed and the teeth will become whiter with each application of the Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening Dental Bleaching System.

Due to the optimal peroxide concentration in Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening, a gentle process for the teeth takes place despite a high degree of bleaching.

Through the dental splint, in which the bleaching gel is distributed, this remains constant on the tooth surfaces and can work there for hours without being worn off by the lips, tongue or saliva. In this way, a toothed rail ensures high efficiency.

In Germany, the marketing of dental bleaching products is subject to the strictest controls and specifications. So a possible health risk is excluded. This means that the effective gel of Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening can be safely applied and no risks from peroxide or other ingredients as well as intensification by UV light are to be expected.

Customer Experiences with Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening

The experience of customers extends predominantly in a positive direction. Numerous is that users are enthusiastic about the quick results. In just a few days of use, the tooth color brightened up so that the family, friends and work colleagues were already aware of it.

Many of the women and men who used Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening wanted to know it well, and used before and after pictures as proof that Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening is doing what it promises. No comment needs to be added to the pictures because they all speak a clear language without exception: immense whitening results within 10 to 15 days after the start of the application.

Younger men and women who were exposed to the mockery of classmates, classmates or work colleagues before using Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening because of their natural yellow tooth color are happier and more than satisfied. Despite optimal dental care, regular teeth cleaning and the use of alleged teeth whitening toothpastes, they had to forego a neat-looking teeth whitening beforehand. They no longer dared to laugh, lost their self-esteem and avoided more and more social contacts for fear of rejection. By Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening the tooth discoloration disappeared in no time. Today they are happy about this home bleaching having tried for the teeth, because they no longer have to be ashamed and with a bright white teeth again cared for and look attractive.


Conclusion Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening is a 3-part dental bleaching product for home use. Compared to a professional bleaching by the dentist, it is noticeably cheaper and can be easily applied by anyone.

The main active ingredient is peroxide, which has been chosen so optimally in its concentration that neither the enamel nor the tooth substance is attacked or damaged.

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening contains a depth effect, which also allows discoloration deep inside the tooth to decompose, so that they cannot adversely affect the overall picture by a shimmering through to the tooth surface. In addition, the depth effect for long-lasting white teeth.

First results can already be seen in the first 24 hours after the first application show. Depending on the severity and cause of the discoloration, the teeth can be brightened up to seven shades within about two weeks days.

Application of Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening

For best results, it is advisable to check your teeth for caries and, if necessary, treat them before use. The application is carried out by placing the gel in the dental splint. The advantage of the Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening set is that the whitening gel is in a kind of syringe and each contains as much gel that it needs for an application. In this way, the same amount of ingredients is used in each application, resulting in a uniform whitening without stains.

If the gel is embedded in the dental splint, it is placed on the jaw and pressed lightly. So the gel spreads evenly to the gums. The supplied UV lamp is then switched on and guided slowly from one side to the other over the tooth surfaces. This process should be repeated at least four to five times. Above all in the area of ​​the anterior teeth, the UV light should be intensively used.

The universal dental splint usually adapts to the dentition. In the molar region, it may be too long and is in this case easy to shorten with scissors. The frequency of the Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening application can be done according to one’s own needs and according to free time schedule. In principle, the application can take place daily to a minimum of five minutes and can last up to several hours.

If Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening is not used for more than about one hour, nothing stands in the way of daily use from the first day of use. However, in a short-term application more gel is consumed, which in total makes a successful tooth whitening to the desired color more expensive.

For this reason, a multi-hour application, especially at night is recommended because it does not interfere with either eating or drinking, or speaking. Through the closed mouth, the dental splint is kept in shape and the gel mass can work evenly overnight until the next morning. The increased impact time results are achieved faster.

However, it must be taken into account that subsequent brightening may occur. For this reason, it is advisable to wear the Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening toothed splint overnight for a maximum of three consecutive days so that a better estimate of the desired shade can be made.

Since Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening has a long-term effect, the application can be stopped after reaching the desired whiteness or when no further whitening occurs. To prevent recurrent tooth discoloration, the application should be prophylactically repeated as soon as the first discoloration signals become apparent, such as when the tooth color appears increasingly dull.


Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening Experiences

– Maria, 52 years

Hello everybody. My name is Maria, I am 52 years old and I have been working as a nurse since I was 16 years old. As many who also work in this profession may know, caregivers tend to drink quite a bit of coffee. You do not treat yourself otherwise, because the job is exhausting. If you take a break for a while, coffee is just part of it. I myself smoke too. This has led to the fact that over the years my teeth have turned quite yellowish – or should I have said yes now, because thanks to Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening my biting teeth are now bright white, and after only 14 days of use, And the best part is that the application is also very easy and not at all time-consuming. Now I smile again unabashedly, the broader the better. Thanks to Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening.

– Thorsten, 43 years

Recently, the little daughter of a buddy asked me directly: ‘You, Thorsten, why do you have such yellow teeth?’ Children are very direct. Not that I have not come to it myself, but somehow that was the reason for me to look around the Internet for ways to bleach the teeth, because I cannot afford the treatment at the dentist. After all, I’m just a 43-year-old truck driver and not King Croesus. So I came across the package from Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening. It’s not expensive and the application is wonderfully simple and barely takes my time. Simply put the supplied gel into the silicone prosthesis, pull it onto your teeth and then irradiate with UV light – ready! For a week now I’m doing this every day and the result is already killing me. Definitely recommended this Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening system.

– Jan, 39 years

Actually, I do not want to get my teeth white again with an aggressive, chemical method. But honestly, I’m also tired of being ashamed of my yellow teeth. In the meantime I hold my hand over my mouth when I laugh. In addition, in my job as a bartender, I also have to be reasonably presentable because I represent the restaurant. And we are a good house with a high clientele. Anyway, a colleague has given me the tip with Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening. That seems quite easy to use and saves me the expensive dentist costs. And in principle, the dentist does nothing but what I can do at home with Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening. I’ll try that out now.


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