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Prepare for a shockingly short opinion.

What do you know about Thoraxin? As much as the distributor wrote on the site. What exactly? Nothing. Zero particulars, except one. The tablets are authorized for marketing and consist of only natural ingredients.

The rest is a secret. Why? The producer protects the warehouse from unfair competition. On one of the subpages, however, he discovers a secret. And, surprisingly, this mix has a chance to work!


It has a chance to work, but it is trivial, tablets are a mixture:

Korean ginseng (the fact is the best known ginseng species),

Muira puama (fact, aphrodisiac, this cannot be undermined,

Chinese lemons (the fact is, as above),

Guarana (caffeine raises the pressure so there is a chance that the penis will move through it).

I do not know anything about other ingredients. Not specified. In the statement that thanks to this unique recipe, thousands of men around the world stopped having problems with the potential, somehow I cannot believe.


I have not found the concrete. Standard marketing. Oddly enough on some pages where I wanted to ask about the composition of Thoraxin, my questions were ignored. Nobody knows anything, and as he knew, he does not remember exactly, and ginseng supposedly counteracts sclerosis.

It works?

Ginseng, muira, lemon – surely yes. I would give Guarana a break, I prefer coffee. It certainly does not improve potency right away. It would be good to nourish the body – add arginine, some protein and good fatty acids (for hormones). Without additives, in my opinion, do not move.

Did I take?

No. I do not risk shopping with funds that I cannot study with labels. I’m allergic to secrets. He took a friend. Impressions? So-so.

Do I know someone who took?

Yes, this someone claims that after a few days something has twitched, but weakly. He switched to supplements from the pharmacy. The composition does not remember, the packaging is gone.

Worth it?

You can try, why not. In the end, did some institutions sign an agreement and a certificate that it is harmless, but pay PLN 139 for 10 mysterious pills? I do not think it’s very reasonable.

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