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According to the manufacturer, Supercharge Male Enhancement is a dietary supplement that increases erection and improves sexual performance. However, the most important task of Supercharge Male Enhancement tablets is enlarging the penis. According to the leaflet, the supplement allows to increase the length of the member by 7.5 cm and its circumference by 2.5 cm. Is it possible?

We analyzed the composition, action, opinions about Supercharge Male Enhancement tablets, we encourage you to read before using these tablets.

Supercharge Male Enhancement, Composition

In the composition we find things like Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, Cranberry Extract, Licorice Root, Maca Root Extract, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Lysine, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Zinc.

Can such a composition provide the effect of enlarging the penis? The answer is unambiguous – no. We find here only components that are found in popular pills for potency like braweran or permen. After using permen, did anyone have any member increments – No.

Is there an Effective Penis Enlargement Method?

Currently, we have many methods of penis enlargement – operations, hyaluronic acid, pumps, tablets, creams. We compared their operation, price, and the effects that can be obtained. The summary can be found in our article:

After all, we give the product a chance and look at online forums to find reviews on Supercharge Male Enhancement tablets. All you need to do is enter your search query: Supercharge Male Enhancement reviews or Supercharge Male Enhancement forum and we have a lot of results and statements of people who used the product.

When browsing the reviews, it is worth choosing them from those forums that are moderated and to write a post you need to have an active account with the right number of posts. Unfortunately, many forums allow for intrusive advertising, where very often the producers of penis enlargement agents themselves express themselves, which distorts the real picture of their effects. We cite 2 credible opinions from the forum:

“I used the Supercharge Male Enhancement as the producer says, for 3 months. I measured the member before all the confusion and of course after this period nothing stirred. I am disappointed, because the site is supposed to be information that the increments are up to 8 cm, I would have enough 3 centimeters for happiness, but unfortunately, I was disappointed with this product. ”

“The problem of a small birth of a husband did not seem to be a problem at first. However, after some time I noticed that not only I am a little disappointed with our life, but my husband did not give joy after sex. In the ad I noticed the Supercharge Male Enhancement product and after talking to my husband, which was obviously not easy, we decided to order a product for the test. The treatment went as it should, the increase was 1 cm, which of course failed us a bit, but it was always worth trying … ”

Supercharge Male Enhancement and other Pills for Penis Enlargement

Is the fact that Supercharge Male Enhancement composition does not guarantee penile growth means that other tablets to enlarge a member will also prove ineffective? You cannot generalize and each case you need to research individually. Presently, Supercharge Male Enhancement tablets are very trusted, which have a completely different composition and their action was confirmed in clinical trials. What effects can you expect from using these pills? More information can be found on the website of their producer:

Where to Buy Supercharge Male Enhancement?

Pharmacy, allegro or the producer’s website. The product is available only on online sales. Of course, buying on the website of the manufacturer we are sure that we get the original product.

We advise against buying any medicines or dietary supplements on auction portals, classifieds sites or local bazaars, because in this case we are not sure what we really get, this product may be dangerous for us. Supercharge Male Enhancement is not available for sale in pharmacies.

Supercharge Male Enhancement for Potency

Of course, we do not deny the effectiveness of Supercharge Male Enhancement tablets in case of potential problems, the product should work similarly to other potency supplements. Of course, problems with potential may be conditioned by various diseases that develop in our body, so you should go to the doctor first to do basic research, after which it may turn out that the potency pills will not be necessary for us, and it is enough to heal the cause of the disorder.

Alternative to Supercharge Male Enhancement

If you are interested in effective methods of penis enlargement, take a look at our entry in which we compare all available methods:

How to Enlarge a Penis – The Best Methods for Enlarging a Member

The choice of method depends on you, but remember that size is not always important. If the size of your penis actually prevents you from having a normal sex life, it’s worth solving this problem. Enlarging the penis for fun, however, is not a good idea. The size of the female vagina does not extend indefinitely, remember this before enlarging the member.

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