How many calories you need an adult?

Speaking of adulthood, often it results in that many people do not agree as to when it begins and ends this period of life.

Some claim that it is an adult once the age of majority, which in some countries is eighteen and other at twenty is reached, however, this is referring to the legal, while from the physiological point It refers to the period in which adolescence is over and has reached psychological maturity and fullness of character, saving the differences between one and another individual.

Physical development also enjoys full, marked by a capacity and vigor that will declining over the years, but can be extended by constant practice of exercise and healthy eating.

When referring to healthy eating, we must inevitably touch point as an important food and how many calories you need an adult to their livelihood and excellent daily physical performance. In this sense, there is much information, but sometimes this information looks contradictory, for this reason and after a comparative analysis of the issue came to the following conclusion:


Clearly the caloric requirement of a sedentary man who works in a cool place, in front of your computer or addressing management issues, can not be greater than another who works eight hours under construction in full sun. In the first case, this gentleman only need between 50 and 70 Kcal per hour; while in the second, you must invest about 100 Kcal per hour. Now, if we refer to an athlete, we’d be talking about 150 to 200 Kcal per hour.

In this regard, the energy requirement of men ranges between 2200 and 3000 Kcal.



An adult woman needs between 2,200 and 2,500 kilo calories per day, in this regard should also take into account the activity that is engaged and if you are pregnant, because in this case would need 2,700 Kc and lactating about 3,000 Kc.



Applying this simple formula you can get an accurate estimate of how many calories you need to maintain your weight and proper functioning of the body.

The main thing in this equation is the amount you need to know: if you are a man you should consume 24 calories per kilogram of weight and if you are female require 22 calories per kilogram of weight, ergo, multiply your weight by the calories you need.

For example, if you are female and weights 55 kilograms, then multiply 22 x 55 = 1210. There have the amount you require.

Now if you are a man and weights 80 kilograms, multiply 80 x 24 = 1920, amount you keep your weight and feel good physically.


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