Alpha Flex XT – What is it? What are the Benefits? How to Take?

Alpha Flex XT is an essential protein for anyone who has difficulty gaining muscle mass. It can aid you in gaining lean mass, and thus potentiate your goals. It is a protein found in cow’s milk and its concentrated extract is widely used by academics who seek hypertrophy.

In this article we will explore some frequently asked questions about this protein. After all, what is this Alpha Flex XT? What are its benefits? Follow us!

What is Alpha Flex XT?

Alpha Flex XT is a slow-digesting protein that can be found in abundance in cow’s milk. Its function is to maintain proper muscle activity, thus preventing catabolism and providing muscle gain.

Slow absorption proteins, such as Alpha Flex XT, are used by the body mainly before bed or when you wake up and are released gradually according to your body’s need.

Benefits of Alpha Flex XT

It lasts longer in your body – Not all proteins are the same. Unlike whey protein, Alpha Flex XT is released slowly into the bloodstream with constant amino acids that can last for hours.

It produces greater muscle gain – Some scientific studies prove that the protein is responsible for the development of lean muscle mass. As we know, during training the muscle fibers are torn and repaired, and their slow release helps in this fiber repair process. So it is good to have a good night’s sleep, so your body gains strength to repair the muscle fibers that will be broken again the next day, with this constant process the muscles are formed.

Produce Strength – Ask any man to train if he wants to increase his strength? This, almost always, is on the wish list. In a Massachusetts study it was discovered that Alpha Flex XT has twice the power gain in strength compared to whey protein, due to its anti-catabolic properties.

Emagrece – In studies carried out prove that it accelerates the metabolism, thus increasing fat burning. There was also a greater satiety, caused by the sensation of full stomach.

How to Take?

Alpha Flex XT is a slow absorption protein, so it is indicated to take before bed. It is at this moment of rest that our body needs nutrients to maintain the anabolic state where reconstruction and muscle growth happens. Alpha Flex will ensure the necessary nutrition your muscles need.

A frequent question. Can I take it as a post-workout? Yes you can. Plus there is a note!

Your body after a heavy workout needs to replenish energy as soon as possible. Therefore, combine with an immediate energy source feed such as a simple carbohydrate and / or a fast-absorbing protein.

How much Cost?

As almost everything else available in the market, how much it will cost a pot of Alpha Flex XT will depend on several factors such as quantity, weight, brand and quality. At Netshoes, American’s largest online supplement store, the cheapest Alpha Flex costs $ 4.95 (907 grams, Midway USA), while the most expensive pot comes out at $ 45.95 (1.8 pounds , from Dymatize Nutrition).

What is it for?

Basically, anyone who buys Alpha Flex XT supplements is buying them to gain muscle mass and physical strength faster. Studies show that taking Alpha Flex along with whey increases the amount of muscle mass gained.

Does Alpha Flex XT Hurt?

Yes, but only for those people who have Alpha Flex XT allergy. This allergy occurs when your immune system thinks that Alpha Flex XT is dangerous and starts producing antibodies to protect itself from it. Allergy to Alpha Flex is most common in infants and very young children and usually between 3 and 5 years of age it disappears. However, some people cannot get rid of the allergy at this age and carry it for the rest of their lives. These people should avoid consuming Alpha Flex.

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