Vitality RX Reviews – Male Supplement Pills or Scam! Price, Side Effects!

An intense night of love with the dream woman is what many men want, and a natural sexual stimulant known as Vitality RX can help with this. However, not all men know this and not all have the same virility and vigor of adolescence and this ends up becoming a major headache and still cause many embarrassments if sexual performance leaves a craving.

What is Vitality RX?

The pharmaceutical industry always has a chemical remedy that promises to give the result that man longs for, but most of the time they are loaded with side effects, work for a short time, and still do not give that virility and disposition that man needs. In this case, the best solution is to use Vitality RX, also known by the name of Instarect that has long lasting action and free of side effects.

Clinical trials have proven that this product is the only 100% natural that is safe and effective. Only he manages to promote a much more intense sex life with a greater power and virility beyond pleasure. All this without endangering the health of those who take it and without the need for a prescription.

This is possible because this product combines a set of natural aphrodisiac ingredients that are proven effective in the concentration that man needs for maximum libido results.


The exact formula of Vitality RX is a closely guarded secret, as is the Coca Cola formula and so many other successful products. However, it is known that the product contains many herbs and medicinal plants in its composition, many of these herbs have been used for millions of years by indigenous peoples of the Brazilian, Bolivian and Peruvian Amazon.

The Vitality RX has an ingredient that is considered magical: Peruvian maca. This is a root that originates in Peru. Its cultivation has taken place since antiquity. As it has a very high bioactive value, its root is considered a superfood which has caused many researchers to consider it as a very potent aphrodisiac that is capable of increasing libido.

Therefore, a researcher from the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia located in Peru, decided to observe the effects that the pure extract of the litter had in men who were between 24 and 44 years for 4 months.

The results obtained showed that they had an increase in the number of semen and also in the sperm count. Other research was conducted and noted that the intake of your tuber caused sexual desire to increase and reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

However, only the Peruvian maca pure extract is able to provide these benefits and, unfortunately, 90% of the products sold in Brazil, which claim to contain the pure extract of litter, do not actually have 100% purity in their formula. Already the manufacturer of Vitality RX that works only with the 100% pure extract of its ingredients, both the Peruvian maca and the rest of its natural aphrodisiac combo.


In addition to Peruvian maca, generic natural Vitality RX also has other ingredients such as palm kernel oil. He was much used by the Aztecs in combating impotence. The Mayans used it to increase their pleasure while the Indians used it as a drink that was much desired because of the stimulating and aphrodisiac effect it has.

The serenoa repens is another natural ingredient that is present in the Vitality RX. It is it that makes the man get full of energy to be able to enjoy the whole night without stopping. Thus, it is possible to get the most out of sexual potency.

This Vitality RX still contains other organic nutrients such as: polypodium vulgare, honry go at weed and saw palmetto that ensure more powerful erections and intense orgasms. They make the pleasure rise to a level never before achieved that ends up surprising both the man and the partner.


The man who desires to have a more intense virility and potency should take two pills of generic natural Vitality RX every day. In the first week you can already feel the effects on the sexual appetite with prolonged erections and intense orgasms. This provides much more pleasure and quality for both him and her.

In addition to having more pleasure and sexual appetite the natural Vitality RX leaves the man with more energy to be able to enjoy the whole night without stopping. Thus, it is possible to make the most of the new and great sexual potency.


Vitality RX or Instarect Male Enhancement are a really effective product. Proof of this is that the experts have proven this fact scientifically and approved it. The formula contained in the capsules is composed only of natural aphrodisiac ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to combat sexual impotence, increase libido, give more energy and disposition beyond sexual pleasure.

All the ingredients have proven action in the scientific milieu, since they have passed tests in the laboratory and many of them are already part of the popular wisdom, after all, for centuries they have been used to treat the most different male sexual dysfunctions without causing any type of problem or presenting some contraindication.


The price of Vitality RX varies greatly according to the amount of bottle purchased at the time of purchase, this is because the manufacturer offers progressive discount according to the quantity of bottles which makes vary the price of the product.

Thus, it is recommended to buy directly from the manufacturer’s official website (link below) to take advantage of the exclusive discount , and also to avoid any kind of fraud or forgery of the original product.

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