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Have you ever had a fear of taking your underwear off? Do you always have embarrassment or shame in such situations? This is not surprising, because many men do not fully accept the size of their penis.

The research shows that as many as 54% of people taking part in surveys exaggerates its size.

The conclusion is clear: more than half of the gentlemen would like their penises to be larger.

Their expectations and needs are met with one hundred percent Gen Vactive. The most popular medical device among Europeans and Americans.

It can meet your needs as much as you actually want to enlarge your penis.

Gen Vactive – Research

The scientists who examined the device confirm that Gen Vactive is the most effective non-invasive method of penis enlargement.

Thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with scientific communities, Gen Vactive is a device

with the best documented activity on the market.

Gen Vactive uses the stimulating effect of tensile force (also known as traction).

Gen Vactive – Security

Gen Vactive has a European health certificate (CE) and meets the requirements of

European Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical products.

According to its provisions, it is classified as a Type 1 medical device.

Effectiveness Confirmed by Research

Research confirms the high rate of device effectiveness at the level of 97.5% .

Already, research conducted by scientists from San Giovanni Battista – University Hospital in Turin, Italy, showed that treatment of penile imperfections with Gen Vactive may be a viable

Alternative to Plastic Surgery.

The results confirmed the effectiveness of this method of enlargement, and the patients’ satisfaction was very high. More information and numerical data regarding the conducted tests can be found on the distributor’s website:

How it works, or information about the impact of Gen Vactive on the tissues of the penis

The device can be used by virtually all men who want to enlarge the penis.

The principle of operation of Gen Vactive is extremely simple: the device generates tensile strength of the penis tissue. Thanks to this, they gain a stimulus for growth and division, and the penis – a stimulus to increase their size. Medical Justification.

Gen Vactive uses exactly the same mechanisms that are triggered in some transplant or orthopedic operations (leg lengthening, skin transplants and regeneration).

But the most important thing is that Gen Vactive does not interfere in any way with the tissues – it does not damage them and does not threaten health. What’s more – it can help your health.

Straightening curvatures, treatment of Peyronie’s disease Curvatures within the penis appear already in puberty when the penis chambers develop at different rates. Gen Vactive makes it possible to correct these curvatures up to 40%, which affects not only the shape of the penis, but also its length.

Another use of the device is the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, which also leads to distortions, and manifests itself in the characteristic sclerosis of tissues. Gen Vactive stretches them to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.


The device is best worn daily. Can be worn under clothing. You can find more information on the use of Gen Vactive on the distributor’s website.

Gen Vactive – Reviews and Comments

Information and opinions about the device appear even in the media, check for example:

Users particularly appreciate Gen Vactive for the convenience of using the extender. It is a great, discreet and very comfortable way of enlarging a member.

You can use Gen Vactive literally everywhere, on a walk, while at work, at a meeting, shop, cinema, driving a car, riding a train, being in any position, doing anything. Convince yourself in person, go to the distributor’s website by clicking the button below:

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