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DXN Code Strike: – You can avoid it tonight. You can postpone it tomorrow. And you can even apologize for the nights ahead. But for once, we face the real problem. You lack confidence in your sexual power and performance. According to a survey, men have confessed these problems:

67% of men are dissatisfied with their lives due to sexual problems

63% say that the size of their erection is too small

For 37% of men, they feel embarrassed and this ruins the night

And 19% of men do not trust and therefore simply gave up sexual pleasures

50% men have the problem during exercise and practice in the gym

If you can find yourself anywhere or even close to these four categories, then DXN Code Strike is the right solution for you. This natural formula is here to help you with the three aspects: Size, Resistance and Satisfaction in order to offer maximum performance every night.


The Science behind the DXN Code Strike

Living a life in which you and your partner are not sexually satisfied is the most frustrating of all. To turn this frustration into bliss, DXN Code Strike enters a pro-sexual blend of vital nutrients. Once they are infused for your blood flows, the nitric oxide ratio increases resulting in a smooth and powerful blood circulation in your penis area.

This herbal appliance promotes your general reproductive health without which you cannot have a blissful sexual intercourse. It uses rapid absorption and prolonged-release technology.

Rapid absorption ensures that all ingredients are absorbed optimally into your bloodstream, increasing your sexual potency. While prolonged-release technology promotes lasting results so please here with the command of erections and endurance to stay longer.

Ingredients DXN Code Strike

Monkey’s Head Hericium – Increase your energy level and reduce fatigue so you can satisfy it longer and better.

Maca Dry Extract – Promotes hormone balance by increasing the ratio of testosterone in it. Help your body be full of raw energy in order to have a full interest in sex with greater enthusiasm.

Horny Goat Weed Extract – A potential aphrodisiac, increases your desire for sex by increasing libido. Restore the desires of your youth and make you an active and even dominant actor on the bed.

Long Jack Extract – An effective testosterone booster, this device safely increases the natural production of testosterone in your body. It further supports your endurance while you’re on your game, increases your driving and even lets you get bigger erections.

Korean Ginseng Powder – It substantially increases the nitric oxide content in your bloodstream and promotes healthy blood circulation. With high blood circulation in the penis area, it increases the size of the erection and promotes healthy erectile functions.

Tribulus Terrestris – Another key element, this herbal compound goes into your body and naturally supports your testosterone level. It raises the level of free testosterone thus increasing the bioavailability of testosterone for your energy sessions.


  • Greater libido and sexual appetite
  • More power and endurance to last longer
  • Significant improvement of the circumference, strength and durability of the erection
  • Greater safety and resistance to satisfy it
  • Larger erections with higher blood flow
  • Quality brands

An Herbal Formulation to Provide NO RISK

DXN Code Strike is formulated at a certified production facility and is clinically tested to meet all quality standards

No use of chemicals or low-quality compounds

Those who are already taking treatment for any prevailing health condition should consult the doctor’s opinion on the use of this product. Furthermore, the supplement is not suitable for teenagers.

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